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Company Profile

Aqua Africa cc was formed in 1990 by George and Anita Halekas to design, build, set-up and maintain Aquariums for offices and homes.

Systems are custom-built to clients' specifications and requirements. Service contracts are also available.

Our aquariums incorporate the latest technology in marine systems and ensure a natural environment that mimics sea conditions. Equipment is imported from one of the top marine tank equipment suppliers in the world, TUNZE Aquarientechnik, in Germany.

We specialise in closed circuit marine aquariums, as opposed to open water systems, used by public aquariums in Durban and Cape Town. Open water systems are directly fed from the sea.

We have been the Sole Distributors for TUNZE in South Africa, for the last eight years, and we have permits to import species of fish and coral from around the world.

Aqua Africa firmly believes that both marine fish and invertebrates should be given the best possible living conditions, not only for their continued well being, but also for the clients' pleasure of seeing a thriving eco-system.