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In order to be able to operate an aquarium successfully, a certain understanding of the processes taking place is required, apart from the basic technology of an aquarium.

Aqua Africa endeavours to create an eco-system which is a near-perfect environment for the propagation of marine life as it would be on coral reefs of the world. Modern technology enables us to maintain close circuit aquariums at optimum conditions to ensure that fish and corals live and breed in an environment that closely resembles a coral reef.

1) Why is Mechanical filteration necessary ?
2) Why use Biological Filtration ?
3) Why is Protein Skimming important ?
4) Why are flow conditions important in an aquarium ?
5) Is reverse osmosis important ?
6) Are lights the most important parameter of the aquarium ?

1. Why is Mechanical filteration necessary ?
Mechanical filtration is important because large particles and detritus floating in the water column is removed before breaking down into waste matter. If these harmful particles are not removed effectively, pollution of the system is inevitable.

2. Why use Biological Filtration ?
Effective biological filtration occurs when the breakdown of organic pollutants, such as urea, coral excrements, excessive feeding etc, results in the formation of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Such breakdown is extremely toxic to the inhabitants of the aquarium. The TUNZE bio-reactors are the only modern way to effectively deal with this biological process.

3. Why is Protein Skimming important ?

Protein skimming is essential in removing the above mentioned waste products before they begin their natural biological breakdown. TUNZE protein skimmers are the only skimmers in the world, which do not remove plankton, which is an essential element of the reef aquarium.

4. Why are flow conditions important in an aquarium ?

After light, current is the most important parameter in the marine aquarium. Conventional aquarium pumps generate excessively high flow rates in the core area of the water jet, but on the outside of the core area the current is too low. The difference leads to stress for the aquarium inhabitants, such as coral polyps.

TUNZE research sets new standards in current patterns with the aim of reproducing every zone of a coral reef in the aquarium.

Our new Turbelle stream pumps produce gentle current speeds at high flow rates of up to 12 000 litres per hour.

5. Is reverse osmosis important ?
Due to the amount of evaporation in aquariums, clean fresh water is a fundamental prerequisite for successful aquarium keeping.

The sole use of osmosis water for supplementation of evaporation prevents the transfer of nitrates, phosphates and silicates that occur in potable water, in ever increasing concentrations.

6. Are lights the most important parameter of the aquarium ?

Light is one of the most important factors in the marine aquarium, most of the corals utilise the light for photosynthasis which enable the zoozanthela in the corals to yield oxygen and nutients for the corals to thrive and grow.

Strong ilumination up to 100,000 lux covering all the wavelengths of light is essential, from ultraviolet ,blue, green, yellow, red, and infrared. The penetration of light in the aquarium depends on the depth.

The best simulation of sun light presently available are Metal Halide HQI lamps and are best suited for corals. The HQI 10,000 kelvin lights not only produce the correct spectrum but give the aquarium a more natural reef look.